performance pricing

100% performance pricing. Really. Don’t pay a dime until we hit your growth targets.
We also offer flat fee pricing if you prefer.


We don't get paid until we get you results
leading to revenue GROWTH

Our most common fee arrangement is pay-after-win, payable only after we hit our performance targets.

There is no upfront cost. Our fee is payable only when we hit our number. If you aren’t seeing progress, you may terminate the engagement and leave owing nothing except for results already delivered.


Our customers like getting results risk free and they like paying for value received. We love performance pricing, because it lets us focus on only one-thing: getting you results. We don’t have to watch the clock. We don’t keep coming to you for more budget when we want to buy the latest tech toy. We love having skin in the game - it makes the game more fun for us.

Spiralyze also offers flat fee non-contingent pricing for clients that prefer than a flat monthly fee - Or hybrid fees for clients that want something in the middle.


Performance pricing sounds great, but how do we separate out the effects of our changes from all the other stuff going on? Conversions rates change seasonally, based on promotions, and changes in your product mix. What if Oprah tweets endorses your product and sales suddenly spike? You won’t have to pay us for that.

We use randomized A/B testing - the scientific gold standard to isolate the lift from our changes from all the other stuff going on.

The icing on the cake is that you are referee. Our contracts state “client is the sole arbiter of success.” We want to make it simple. We know when we get our clients clear and convincing results, they actually want to pay us, in fact they want us to do more work.


We look for projects where we think we can make at least $1,000,000 for you, and where our fee is going to be at least $100,000. Unfortunately we have to turn down smaller projects because staffing these engagements is very expensive.

We are usually much cheaper than PPC cost-per-acquisition. And unlike PPC, you just pay once.

Flat fee engagements start at $15,000 per month and a typical engagement lasts 6 - 18 months. You can of course cancel anytime - there is no commitment.


Larger clients often start with a pilot engagement that serves as a proof of concept for a wider deployment. The pilots are often limited in scope, putting us to work on only a small part of their business, or for a small number of tests.

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