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Suppress Coupon Code Field

Usability High Priority 60% Adoption 2 Seconds Saved

Suppressing the coupon or promo code fields keep users from getting distracted and avoids reducing the perceived value of their purchase.
Conversion Opportunity 2.4%

Virtually every online has a place to enter a coupon code or promotional code that gives user a nice discount on their purchase. But, not every user reaches the checkout with a coupon handy.

If a user sees a prominent coupon code field but doesn’t have a code handy, a couple of conversion-killing things might happen. Some users might go on a Google-hunt for a coupon, taking them off-site and away from the checkout – which never helps conversions. Other users may look at the field and start thinking that they could be getting a better deal. It decreases the perceived value for users without a coupon.

Still, it’s important to make a coupon code field accessible for users that do want to use it. usually by hiding it behind a link or button.

Hiding the coupon field behind a link makes it less distracting without hurting usability.


The most common way to suppress a coupon code field is to hide it behind a subtle yet visible link – click on the link and the coupon field appears. Simple.

Other sites may have the coupon field appear in a modal window or hide behind some other sort of button. The point should be to remain visible and simple to locate for users that come to the site with a coupon code at the ready.

If the field is prominently visible, users will see it when they open the page and think, “Oh, another field to complete?” Don’t do that.

Kohl's hides the promo code field behind a link in the order summary.

REI implements a prominent and distracting coupon code field.



Suppress Coupon Code Field has an 60% adoption rate among our benchmark group.

Best Practices

Suppress the Field

Don’t show users the coupon field when they open the page. Hide behind a link or a button.

But Keep It Accessible

…but make sure it can still easily be found by users that already have a coupon code handy.

Show in Purchase Summary

Increase perceived value for customers with a coupon by immediately showing its impact on their final purchase total.



Kohl's Example

Kohl's keeps the promo code field behind a link in the purchase summary.


REI Example

REI makes the coupon code field even more prominent than the credit card field.