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Offer Help Prominently

Usability High Priority 80% Adoption 10 Seconds Saved

Ease customer anxiety and help the less tech-savvy users by prominently offering assistance.
Conversion Opportunity 0.5%

There are always questions to be asked when someone is working through an online checkout. Maybe they have a question about shipping or a returns policy. Or maybe computer novice Grandma Sue is having a technical issue getting through the checkout.

In a brick-and-mortar store, you would look for a sales rep or clerk to answer your questions – but that isn’t an option online. Instead, many sites provide some form of remote assistance, either a phone number or a live instant message chat.

Help links at the top are best, but can be placed on the bottom so long as they're not buried in the footer.


If help is provided, make sure it is visible to users. Placing a link in the header works. Many sites have a pop-out window on the side or bottom of the window that lets users know “Hey, we’re here to help if you need us.”

Sometimes a site may offer help, but they hide the link to it in the footer, in tiny text that Grandma Sue will never notice. Offering help is no good if it can’t be easily found and accesses by the user.

REI provides help options, but they are somewhat buried in the footer.

Office Depot provides prominent help resources in the header.



Offer Help Prominently has an 80% adoption rate among our benchmark group.

Best Practices

Specify the Help

Let users know what kind of help they’re getting. Is it just a phone call to a representative or do they get to chat live with someone assigned to help you?

Make it Visible

Help isn’t very helpful if a user can’t locate it.



Office Depot Example

Office Depot has prominent help resources located in the header.


Dick's Sporting Goods Example

Dick's Sporting Goods provides an easily missed customer service link in the footer.


CVS Example

CVS offers no assistance.