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Limit Data Inputs

Usability Medium Priority 20% Adoption 5 Seconds Saved

Forcing robust data input helps reduce form errors, thereby reducing friction and speeding up the checkout process.
Conversion Opportunity .1%

Another way to reduces form errors – and thereby reduce friction and speed up the checkout process – is to limit the inputs for each field. For example, a phone number field should only contain numbers, not letters or punctuation. A ZIP code doesn’t need letters in it. Nobody has a “$” in their phone number.

By not allowing users to enter data that doesn’t belong in a certain field, the occurrence of typos and form errors is limited and friction is reduced.

Non-numerical characters can't be entered into the phone number field.


Convention rules all when it comes to data input. Numerical fields (phones, credit cards, dates) shouldn’t accept letters or unfit symbols. Don’t break from these rules.

Usability can also be bolstered by combining robust data input with auto-formatting dates, cards, phones numbers, etc. This further reduces errors and expedites error correction, thus reducing friction.

Toys 'R' Us does not limit data inputs, increasing the occurrence of input errors and increasing friction.



Limit Data Inputs has an 20% adoption rate among our benchmark group.

Best Practices

Auto-Format Numerical Fields

Auto-formatting numerical fields works well with robust data inputs to decrease friction.

Follow Conventions

Don’t get creative here. Phone numbers only need numbers. Nobody’s credit card has a “&” in it.



Bass Pro Shops Example

Bass Pro Shops limit data inputs to appropriate characters only.


Toys R Us Example

Toys 'R' Us does not restrict date inputs.