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Clear Shipping Options

Usability Medium Priority 50% Adoption 3 Seconds Saved

Providing clear and detailed shipping options helps build trust with customers, helping convince hesitant users to complete their order.
Conversion Opportunity 0.5%

Lack of trust is a significant conversion-killer online, especially for younger companies that aren’t a household name like Amazon. And if there’s one thing users have a hard time trusting, it’s spending money on a product and putting it in the care of the mailman.

When you buy anything at a brick-and-mortar store, you know that product is getting back to your home – after all, you’re the one delivering it. But online, you might worry that your package will be lost or damaged in the mail.

Trust can be gained back by making sure shipping options are labeled clearly and with detail. Giving customers a timeline, clear pricing, and a specific carrier help assuage doubts. You’ll feel better if you know UPS will deliver your package in 2-3 business days.

Show all the right info - timing, prices, carrier.


The first things any customer wants to know when ordering a product online is “How long will it take to arrive” and “How much will it cost?” In the same way we know taxes will be added at the cash register, we know that shipping can add to the purchase total.

The first place to show this information is when a shipping method is selected. Let customers see their options, and make those options clear. If one option is free, emphasize that so they feel like they’re getting a good value. When they’ve made a selection, it should immediately be indicated in their purchase summary.

Some websites might benefit from providing additional information to assuage customer doubts. For example, a website selling high-end steaks will want to tell customers how the steaks are shipping on dry ice, and will remain frozen while in transit.

B&H Photo Video lists all of their shipping options clearly.

Target only provides the shipping time, and no other information.



Clear Shipping Options has an 50% adoption rate among our benchmark group.

Best Practices

Next to Shipping Address

Shipping options should be clear, and ideally placed near the shipping address form.

Show in Purchase Summary

The shipping time and price should be noted as part of the purchase summary.

Time, Cost, Carrier

Core information should include shipping time (when will it get here?), cost (how much am I spending?), and carrier (is this FedEx or the cheapest USPS option?).

Emphasize Free Shipping

As with other free options, emphasizing FREE shipping increases the perceived value of the purchase.



Zappos Example

Zappos lists all shipping options clearly, including info about carrier.


6pm Example

6pm only displays shipping time, with no info about carrier or cost.


Target Example

Target provides only shipping time, and no other information.