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Browser and Device Compatibility

Usability High Priority 85% Adoption 5 Seconds Saved

People shop online on devices ranging from phones to tablets to large desktops – make sure they can buy your product on any of these.
Conversion Opportunity 1.1%

The last thing any business should do is limit access to their store. An online store that isn’t compatible across all devices and browsers is like a WalMart with a moat around it. Are you going to limit your potential user pool just because some can’t swim (access a desktop computer)?

All kinds of situations influence users to make a purchase on their phone or tablet. Maybe they’re away from home, or maybe the family computer is already occupied. You want these users to be able to make a purchase with what they have in their hand.

A website should be usable on screens of all sizes.


There are two main methods to have a website work on home. Some sites choose to develop a separate mobile site that appears for any user on a cell phone. As long as the site is optimized well, this is an effective solution.

Other sites design a fully responsive site that changes layout based on the size of the screen being used. This is an effective solution that covers phones, tablets, or small netbooks, ensuring that any user can access your store – and give you money! – from any device at any time.

Best Buy makes sure their site is usable at all browser sizes.

Wiley does not have a mobile site of any sort, inhibiting usability.



Browser and Device Compatibility has an 85% adoption rate among our benchmark group.

Best Practices

Principled Design

Just because you’ve shrunk your site to fit a phone or table screen is no reason to forget other principles. Even mobile sites should have an intuitive layout that feels fast and frictionless to users.

All Browsers

It’s also important to keep in mind browser compatibility. This isn’t an issue in most cases, but still deserves attention.

All Sizes

Make sure your site is usable on a screen of any size. Don’t limit access!



Best Buy Example

Best Buy is appropriately responsive for all browser and device sizes.


Wiley Example

Wiley has no mobile-sized site or responsiveness.