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Abandonment Emails

Usability Medium Priority 20% Adoption 5 Seconds Saved

Sometimes a checkout abandonment is unavoidable – sending out a follow-up email can help gain those customers back.
Conversion Opportunity 3.1%

Sometimes a customer is forced to leave the checkout – it can be anything from the pizza delivery boy arriving to the user’s apartment catching fire. It can’t be avoided. But an abandonment email can bring them back to their purchase after eating their pizza or putting out the fire.

A good abandonment email reminds the user why they were in the checkout to begin with. Show them what they left un-purchased, and give them an link that sends them right back into the checkout.

Capturing a user’s email early in the checkout process is key to this – you won’t be sending them a reminder via carrier pigeon.

Send abandonment emails that show the product that was abandoned.


The first necessary step to sending an abandonment email is to capture the user’s email address early in the checkout process. Some sites implement this as the very first step in the checkout, where the user selects the guest checkout option. At the very latest, it should be part of the first step, with the name and address fields.

The email should be more than just a simple "Hey, you forgot your stuff!" Provide a call to action, and a summary of what was left behind.

Finishline captures a user's email on the first page of the checkout.

Victoria's Secret Sends out abandonment emails, including images of the products left in the cart.



Abandonment Emails has an 20% adoption rate among our benchmark group.

Best Practices

Early in Checkout

Capture the user’s email early in the checkout process. Make sure you have it before they abandon the checkout.

Specify What’s in the Cart

Emails should remind users what they left behind in their cart – show them what they were getting ready to purchase.

Put Users Back in Action

Emails should include a link or button that throws users right back into the checkout process. Don’t make them navigate there again on their own.



Victoria's Secret Example

Victoria's Secret sends out quality abandonment emails.