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Wiley utilizes a minimal checkout that, aside from the prominent logo, bears little resemblance to the rest of the site.

Overall, this is a checkout that can become difficult to navigate - fields are flush against each-other, one per row, with the labels off to the side. This design combines with a lengthy 5-page layout to make a poorly navigable checkout. Even the payment stage differs in design from the rest of the checkout.

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Layout: 39% Layout: 39% Usability: 31% Usability: 31% Data Input: 55% Data Input: 55% Cart Conversion Loss -9.9%

Checkout Time Benchmark

Checkout Time in Seconds
(Shorter is Better)

Best Practice Heatmap

The Wiley Desktop Checkout complies with 42% of our recommended best practices.

Single-Page Checkout

Wiley implements a 4-page checkout, with pages for address, account creation, shipping options, and payment.

Reduce Perceived Form Length

The forms themselves are kept short, but only one column is used, and page elements could be condensed more.

Intuitive Layout

Form ordering is intuitive and expected.

Simplify Multi-Page Checkout

A user has little sense of the length of the multi-page checkout with a lack of navigation and traversability between steps.

Standardize Look and Feel

The checkout feels outdated and looks completely different from the main site.

Suppress Store Navigation

Wiley hides its default menu, leaving only its linked logo as a way back.

Browser and Device Compatibility

Not responsive to any differently sized windows.

Make Progress Obvious

Wiley lacks a navigation, muddling the customer's sense of his progress.

Guest Checkout Default

Wiley directs all customers straight to the main checkout.

Buttons Provide Feedback

The main buttons respond clearly to a customer hovering over them.

Highlight the Active Field

Wiley fails to designate the active form field.

Validate Correct Responses Inline

Wiley gives no indication of either correct or incorrect form inputs.

Auto-Format Numerical Fields

No numbers, including dates, are auto-formatted.

Limit Data Inputs

Credit card, expiration date, and CVV form fields all accept punctuation, spaces, and other non-numerical characters as valid characters.

Offer Help Prominently

No prominent offer of help present in Wiley's checkout.

Display Clear Error Messages

Error is explained clearly, but field is not highlighted

Match Shipping and Billing by Default

Matches shipping and billing addresses by default.

Trim Unnecessary Form Fields

Includes no unnecessary form fields.

Auto-Populate Address

Fails to autopopulate address.

Clear Shipping Options

Shipping information is given; however, carrier name is not provided.

Abandonment Emails

No specific abandonment email sent.

Store Zip Code from Shipping Calculator

N/A - No shipping calculator / early zipcode entry opportunity present.

Provide Cost Breakdown

Cost breakdown displayed for the first time after the customer enters shipping information.

Emphasize Free Things

Does not even have an order summary present at all steps to properly indicate savings.

Detect Card Type

Automatically recognizes card type, but provides no indication to the user of doing so.

Provide Prozac

Wiley fails to reassure the customer before the final purchase, instead asking him to once again review the cart.

Suppress Coupon Field

Promotion code entry field visible and accessible before the payment stage, likely to lure customers out of the cart before they enter credit card info.

Checkout Walkthrough

Click the thumbnails for an annotated walkthrough of Wiley Desktop Checkout's notable features.

Step 1

Shipping Address

Step 2

Password Creation

Step 3

Shipping Selection

Step 4

Order Summary

Step 5