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Overstock's checkout is an excellent example of how fast and frictionless a true single-page checkout can feel. Although the users do a bit of scrolling to complete the entire checkout, there is no waiting for a page to load or wondering how much further they have to go.

Further improvements could be made, however. Overstock gives no indication of either correct or incorrect form inputs until the user attempts to continue. No numbers, including dates, are auto-formatted, and fields inputs are not accepted robustly in general.

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Layout: 67% Layout: 67% Usability: 63% Usability: 63% Data Input: 50% Data Input: 50% Cart Conversion Loss -6.8%

Checkout Time Benchmark

Checkout Time in Seconds
(Shorter is Better)

Best Practice Heatmap

The Overstock Desktop Checkout complies with 60% of our recommended best practices.

Single-Page Checkout

Overstock implements a one-page checkout process, requiring the user to scroll down the page to access all fields.

Reduce Perceived Form Length

Overstock interleaves fields, but still labels them above. Furthermore, the lack of adherance to convention (matching shipping and billing) unnecessarily increases the checkout.

Intuitive Layout

Form ordering is not very intuitive, with the email field first, interjected country fields, and city/state/zip out of order.

Simplify Multi-Page Checkout

N/A - Overstock implemented a single-page checkout.

Standardize Look and Feel

Grey color scheme design thematically mirrors the main site.

Suppress Store Navigation

Overstock hides its default menu, leaving only its linked logo as a way back.

Browser and Device Compatibility

Responds well to all but shrunk desktop browser window.

Make Progress Obvious

Overstock implements a single-page checkout. However, the page itself is vertically long, and customers must scroll down to access other sections. With no navigation, customers would have a poor sense of progress.

Guest Checkout Default

Overstock prompts customers to choose between creating an account or checking out as a guest, rather simply than preselecting the latter.

Buttons Provide Feedback

The main buttons respond well to hover.

Highlight the Active Field

Overstock accentuates the active field with a blue shadow.

Validate Correct Responses Inline

Overstock gives no indication of either correct or incorrect form inputs.

Auto-Format Numerical Fields

No numbers, including dates, are auto-formatted.

Limit Data Inputs

Credit card, expiration date, and CVV form fields all accept punctuation, spaces, and other non-numerical characters as valid characters.

Offer Help Prominently

Customers are easily drawn to a "Chat Now" button, the only page element in blue - an easy way to access help.

Display Clear Error Messages

Error is explained clearly when field is selected, and incorrect fields are highlighted

Match Shipping and Billing by Default

Users must actively select if they want their billing addresses to match their shipping.

Trim Unnecessary Form Fields

Includes no unnecessary form fields.

Auto-Populate Address

Fails to autopopulate address.

Clear Shipping Options

Includes no unnecessary form fields.

Abandonment Emails

No specific abandonment email sent.

Store Zip Code from Shipping Calculator

N/A - No shipping calculator / early zipcode entry opportunity present.

Provide Cost Breakdown

Indicates clear breakdown in the one-page checkout.

Emphasize Free Things

Indicates promotional saving as well as free shipping with special colors and designations in the order summary area.

Detect Card Type

Automatically recognizes card type, but provides no indication to the user of doing so.

Provide Prozac

No comforting text accompanies the final "Purchase" button.

Suppress Coupon Field

Conceals gift card entry behind a check box and a link.

Checkout Walkthrough

Click the thumbnails for an annotated walkthrough of Overstock Desktop Checkout's notable features.

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