Gamestop - Spiralyze Electronics 3-Page 102 seconds

Gamestop implements a multi-page checkout that maintains a distracting navigation bar throughout the checkout.

Gamestop also has room for improvement by reorganizing forms and condensing them to a single-page checkout.

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Layout: 44% Layout: 44% Usability: 56% Usability: 56% Data Input: 27% Data Input: 27% Cart Conversion Loss -9.7%

Checkout Time Benchmark

Checkout Time in Seconds
(Shorter is Better)

Best Practice Heatmap

The Gamestop Desktop Checkout complies with 43% of our recommended best practices.

Single-Page Checkout

Gamestop implements a three-page checkout, with pages for login, billing address, and payment/shipping options.

Reduce Perceived Form Length

Gamestop leaves all fields in one column - even short fields like zip code have their own line - increasing the perceived effort.

Intuitive Layout

Form ordering is intuitive and expected.

Simplify Multi-Page Checkout

No easy way to go back between steps, and no easy view of item summary.

Standardize Look and Feel

Checkout design thematically mirrors the main site.

Suppress Store Navigation

Gamestop left its entire navigation bar across the top of the checkout process increasing checkout abandonments.

Browser and Device Compatibility

Adapts well to mobile browsers and stretched-out desktop browsers.

Make Progress Obvious

Top navigation bar makes progress deceiving because the customer is taken directly from billing to payment. Also, including order confirmation in the progress bar increases the customer's percieved effort of the checkout.

Guest Checkout Default

Guest checkout is an option, but not the default.

Buttons Provide Feedback

Unresponsive buttons.

Highlight the Active Field

Fields highlighted with a blue shadow indicating the active field.

Validate Correct Responses Inline

Only validated for incorrect responses, and no feedback given for positive field entry or missing fields.

Auto-Format Numerical Fields

No numbers are auto-formatted.

Limit Data Inputs

Credit card, phone number, zip code, and CVV form fields all accept punctuation and spaces as valid characters.

Offer Help Prominently

"Need Help" link is available in the navigation bar beside the logo.

Display Clear Error Messages

Error is explained clearly, and incorrect fields are highlighted

Match Shipping and Billing by Default

Matches shipping and billing addresses by default.

Trim Unnecessary Form Fields

Includes no unnecessary form fields.

Auto-Populate Address

Fails to autopopulate address.

Clear Shipping Options

Little shipping information is given besides cost.

Abandonment Emails

No specific abandonment email sent.

Store Zip Code from Shipping Calculator

Zip code not saved from store selector.

Provide Cost Breakdown

Cost breakdown only presented right above the "Submit my Order" button, not throughout the checkout.

Emphasize Free Things

Does not even have an order summary present at all steps to properly indicate savings.

Detect Card Type

Forces customers to select their credit card type from a dropdown menu.

Provide Prozac

Includes blurb about the transaction's security; could be positioned more strategically to correlate with the "Submit order" button.

Suppress Coupon Field

Gift card entry code is accessible and one of the most prominent items on the page.

Checkout Walkthrough

Click the thumbnails for an annotated walkthrough of Gamestop Desktop Checkout's notable features.

Step 1

Login/Guest Selection

Step 2

Billing Address

Step 3