Bass Pro Shops - Spiralyze Specialty/Other 1-Page 105 seconds

Bass Pro Shops uses a clean and effective single-page checkout - mostly.

While there is a precursor step to login or select guest checkout, the rest of the process is on a single page. Further improvements can be made by making each field visible. Some forms, such as shipping address, appear on the page but must be entered in a pop-out form.

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Layout: 89% Layout: 89% Usability: 69% Usability: 69% Data Input: 59% Data Input: 59% Cart Conversion Loss -4.7%

Checkout Time Benchmark

Checkout Time in Seconds
(Shorter is Better)

Best Practice Heatmap

The Bass Pro Shops Desktop Checkout complies with 72% of our recommended best practices.

Single-Page Checkout

Bass Pro Shops implements a one-page checkout process, requiring the user to scroll down the page to access all fields.

Reduce Perceived Form Length

Reduces the perceived length by layering fields and labelling them inside.

Intuitive Layout

Form ordering is intuitive and expected.

Simplify Multi-Page Checkout

N/A - Implements a single page checkout.

Standardize Look and Feel

Checkout design thematically mirrors the main site.

Suppress Store Navigation

Bass Pro Shops suppresses its menu and unlinks its logo, removing easy access back to the site.

Browser and Device Compatibility

Responds well to all but shrunk desktop browser window.

Make Progress Obvious

Bass Pro Shop's clearly numbered and concise accordion steps facilitate user perception of progress.

Guest Checkout Default

Bass Pro Shops allows for a recognizable guest checkout option, but forces customers to actively choose it.

Buttons Provide Feedback

Buttons provide robust visual feedback.

Highlight the Active Field

Fields highlighted minimally by default browser settings.

Validate Correct Responses Inline

Neither informs about correct fields nor missing, incorrect ones.

Auto-Format Numerical Fields

Only formats phone number automatically, not credit card.

Limit Data Inputs

All fields except phone number gate themselves to protect against illegal characters.

Auto-Fill Compatibility

Somewhat compatible; the unnecessary phone extension field autofills incorrectly.

Offer Help Prominently

Prominent offer of help in header with s picture of call center agent, and phone and live chat options.

Display Clear Error Messages

Error is explained clearly, and incorrect fields are highlighted

Match Shipping and Billing by Default

Matches shipping and billing addresses by default.

Trim Unnecessary Form Fields

Includes no unnecessary form fields.

Auto-Populate Address

Fails to autopopulate address.

Clear Shipping Options

Clear shipping information given on its own page, with carrier and other extra information provided via a "Learn More" link.

Abandonment Emails

No post-purchase email was received.

Store Zip Code from Shipping Calculator

N/A - No shipping calculator / early zipcode entry opportunity present.

Provide Cost Breakdown

Displays the full price breakdown from the first step.

Emphasize Free Things

Does not highlight the discount or the free items in any way, leaving free items as "$0.00."

Detect Card Type

Automatically recognizes card type, but provides no indication to the user of doing so.

Provide Prozac

No comforting text accompanies the final "Purchase" button.

Suppress Coupon Field

Gift card redemption hidden as an accordion option within the payment stage of the checkout.

Checkout Walkthrough

Click the thumbnails for an annotated walkthrough of Bass Pro Shops Desktop Checkout's notable features.

Step 1

Login/Guest Checkout

Step 2

Shipping Address

Step 3

Shipping Selection

Step 4