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Increasing clinical trial costs and the need for accelerating the time to market for new therapeutics drive the industry need for efficient clinical trial recruitment. Spiralyze has extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry, and is keenly aware of specific regulatory constraints, but also the value behind directly accessing patients that may benefit from inclusion in clinical trials.

Existing patient recruitment channels as well as the exclusive reliance on these channels for recruitment can slow the enrollment process, increasing the time to market. Spiralyze’s solution for the pharma industry rapidly increases enrollment in a highly cost efficient manner. Typical results are in excess of 50% improvement in effectiveness relative to existing programs from both a volume of recruitment perspective and cost perspective.


The direct/online channel may not be a priority for marketers focused on selling to labs and physicians, however, the opportunity size given the number of patients seeking solutions online is significant and should not be neglected. Spiralyze has extensive diagnostics marketing experience, combined with deep expertise in conversion rate optimization.

Some markets are particularly competitive for diagnostics companies, for example, oncology or other disease specific related areas where pharma companies are advertising. In these instances, conversion rates are critical to the viability of an online effort.

In general, the opportunity for improvement in conversion rates in this sector is significant, historically, internal teams have not had sophisticated tools and resources to fully leverage the digital opportunity.