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Financial Services

Our customers frequently ask us to focus on increasing leads generated through online channels. Specific industries include:

  1. Retail & Personal Banking – this category includes credit cards, personal loans, mortgages, lines of credit, insurance and other retail financial services. Key issues include market and product differentiation, synergy between online and retail services and regulation.
  2. Small Personal Banking – lines of credit, loans, credit cards and other banking services.
  3. Insurance – focus on major lines of insurance including auto, home, life, business owners policies etc.

Because of the maturity of the industry from a lead generation perspective, AdWords costs and other sources of traffic have become intensely competitive, requiring companies to employ sophisticated tactics in order to increase conversion rate on form fill/landing pages.

Increasingly the online channel is also the primary product touch point and understanding the customer experience is a source of competitive advantage.

Implications for A/B testing

Sophisticated conversion solutions are required in order to optimize the experience for the prospective consumer and convert traffic to leads.

Savvy, aggressive marketers understand the enormous opportunity in leveraging the full gamut of tools and data in order to split test different concepts that address customer concerns regarding making the initial appointment. By converting more traffic into leads and assessing the quality of converted leads and, eventually, revenue, a site converting 30% better than competitors allows either a growth in profits or a reinvestment into marketing spend to capture additional market share.