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An overview of our hiring process

The Spiralyze hiring process provides a mutual look-see. We experience working with you, and you experience working with us.


Submit your resume and cover letter to jobs@spiralyze.com. In your cover letter, include links to a selection of your best work.

Phone Interview

The phone interview begins with a review of your work and experience. We explain the role and answer your questions. The interview concludes with you working through a short task related to the role.

Candidates require a computer and Internet access.

Candidates should allow two hours for the phone interview.

Office Interview

The office interview consists of several simulated client projects. These simulations resemble a typical Spiralyze client project. For example, a designer might receive a brief for a webpage and be asked to produce preliminary designs.

The office interview simulates a day in the office. Your interviewer is a senior colleague, there to help you produce your best work. Use the interviewer to understand the client brief and to provide feedback.

Candidates often prefer to use their own computer. Candidates will have Internet access and may use any outside materials they wish.

Candidates should allow approximately five hours for the office interview.

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